Couture Cookies
Couture Cookies And Granola

ByMdesserts Couture Cookies uses European style butter, King Arthur flour, organic cane sugar, couverture chocolate, and organic spices. It's no wonder they're a favorite from the likes of Bono to Uma Thurman.
This cookie is the ultimate indulgence for the chocolate fan. A rich chocolate dough with whispers of prized Vietnamese Saigon cinnamon known for its sweet, deep flavor. Each cookie is studded with chunks of bittersweet, milk, and white chocolate. The texture is dense and fudgy like a true chocolate truffle.
Light, flavorful and chic, this crispy, crumbly cookie is balanced with fresh lemon juice in the dough and sprinkled with an aromatic Turbinado sugar perfumed with organic lavender. An elegant cookie with designer style.
Imagine big chunks of toasted walnuts held together by a sweet cardamom scented dough. After the cookie is baked, it is hand rolled in a fragrant vanilla bean powdered sugar. Pure, warm and toasty, this is a classic cookie with a twist of flavor.
This is the ultimate oatmeal cookie. Made with thick rolled oats, and filled with chunks of chocolate, butterscotch, tart dried sour cherries, and coconut. Naturally sweetened with brown sugar and sprinkled with a hint of sea salt. The texture is chunky, chewy and crisp along the edges. This is a cookie that is loved by adults and children alike.
WILDFLOWER HONEY GRANOLA Two 12 ounce bags for $16Buy
Malika’s popular granola recipe has traveled with her career from New York to Los Angeles to Chicago, and was a favorite special order at her restaurant, Aigre Doux. Thick rolled oats are combined with wildflower honey, sweet butter, Madagascar vanilla, dried sour cherries and caramelized almonds and pecans. Her Loyal fans say this is the best granola they have tasted.
Wildflower Honey Granola One, 12 ounce bag for $8Buy

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