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Malika believes cake should have an essence of sophistication and deliver a balance of flavor combinations. These triple-layer cakes are not just cakes…they are Ultimate Cakes. Buttery and indulgent, they're perfect for any occasion. Two of Malika's favorites are the sweet and tart, Luscious Lemon Cake and the rich and chocolaty, Opulent Smore Cake. Want to design a custom Ultimate Cake? Select from an array of luxurious choices and Malika will create your impressive Ultimate Cake. Malika's Ultimate Cakes are for Chicago pick-up only

Chic and decadently delicious. Three layers of lemon infused cake moistened with fresh lemon syrup. Candied lemon cream and clove scented caramel are layered within. And, the ultimate finish…a creamy toasted meringue frosting.

The ultimate cake for chocolate lovers. A rich, indulgent, triple tiered chocolate cake layered with bittersweet ganache and finished with toasted homemade marshmallow fluff. This is one of Malika's most requested cakes for adults and kids alike.

What's your Ultimate Cake? Vanilla buttermilk or chocolate fudge? With your favorite filling, frosting and swipe of sweet preserve, you can create your own ultimate cake. Plus, you can adorn the top with a personal message. Fill out the form below for all the details.

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Malika's Ultimate Cakes are for Chicago pick-up only. We'll be in touch with you to arrange a convenient pick-up time and payment method once you have submitted your order.

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Ultimate Cake Selections
8" Luscious Lemon Cake $48
10" Luscious Lemon Cake $58
8" Opulent Smore Cake $50
10" Opulent Smore Cake $60
Create Your Own Ultimate Cake
What's your ultimate cake flavor? (Pick one)
Vanilla Buttermilk
Chocolate Fudge

Choose the filling. (Pick one)

Vanilla Bean
Candied Lemon
Passion Fruit
Chocolate Ganache

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Vanilla Buttercream
Chocolate Glaze
Bittersweet Chocolate Frosting

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8" Layer Cake $48
10" Layer Cake $58
If you have questions, or are dreaming of a unique cake, please contact Malika and tell her what's on your mind. She'll be happy to work with you to create a special cake that's perfect for your occasion. (Click here)